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Fed by Red

About Chef Red

Chef Red or Redley studied Culinary Arts & Food Service Management at Johnson & Wales University. She enjoys cooking and creating recipes. She loves bringing people together to indulge in great food. While others may say math is a universal language, Redley says food is the greatest universal language. Others may say acts of kindness is their love language, Redley says food is the greatest unofficial love language of them all. Clearly, food is the center of her universe. Because of this, a meal by Red is not just a meal, it's an experience. Brunch with Red is not just brunch, it's an experience! Tag along, she wouldn't want you to catch FOMO.


While Redley loves to enjoy the less healthier food options, she also strongly believes in food wellness. A balanced and nutrient-dense meal is very important to her. Educating others on eating better and more nutritious is her never ending goal. Redley believes a lot of illnesses and diseases can be avoided or less painful with cleaner and healthier eating. This is why she has chosen to specialize in meal preps to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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